Take advantage of the explosion of online listening
The internet listening audience is growing rapidly. According to *Bridge ratings, “80 million Americans (listen) online every month. (That is 1/3 of the entire population.)  60 million listen weekly.”

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Call 757-903-4983 or you can email him at sales@nwrnetwork.com.

Catch the wave of explosive internet audio growth
Below are some of the areas where we can get you plugged into the internet revolution. No need for you do figure out all the tech work to make it happen. We can do all that for you.

NWR has massive experience and we do all the work
NWR, The Next Wave Radio Network is a group of people with decades of experience with hundreds of radio stations and worldwide radio ministries. We’ve got the experience and we’ll do all the work for you.

One service or a package covering all areas
Whether you need just one of the following services, or you want a package with all of them, we can make it happen - affordably. (1) Your own internet radio station. (2) Sermon archiving. (3) Sermon podcasting. (4) Live worship service streaming. (5) Streaming for traditional radio stations. Need one service? Need several? Contact us now and we’ll make it happen.

Sermon/ Message Archiving and podcasting for churches
People like to grab food “to go.” Now they want their “spiritual food” to go. Millions are now listening to podcasts on their ipods. They are listening to message archives while they work. Contact us and we’ll set it up for you.

Stream your worship service live world-wide
It used to cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars to put a live worship service on the radio. Now you can have your worship services live on the internet at a price even the smallest church can afford.

Start your own internet radio station THIS WEEK (below)
The internet radio audience is DOUBLING every year. Why not have your own 24/7 Christian Music station- online? You can now have a station with CD quality sound. We research the best music around and put it on your station.
Internet radio for Churches
If you are a church, we’ll set you up with your own internet radio station. The station will be for your city or community So you will have plenty of people tuning in to hear the station, then during the breaks, they get to hear what is going on at your church.
An online Christian music station for your business
Imagine a radio station where your spots or features are played several times an hour, 24 hours a day, all year long. That is your own internet radio station. CONTACT US NOW and we’ll let you test drive your own station at no charge!
An internet station for your youth group
Teens are already wired to the internet. So it’s a natural leap for them to have their own station. They’ll target the entire city with their new station. But they’ll hear features and spots from their friends and youth leaders. And it’s their kind of music.
Internet radio for ministers, speakers and teachers
Now you can own the radio station and reach a nationwide and worldwide audience. It’s a 24 hour Christian music station that breaks for your features, spots and messages. Whether you are a large ministry, an author, speaker or just an individual with a passion to get a message out, we can do it for you with your own radio station.

Streaming for traditional radio stations
If you are a regular terrestrial radio station, we offer stable streaming for your signal. The internet radio audience is growing and this also includes traditional stations. Contact us and find prices lower than you have ever imagined.

A phone call or email can make it happen in a week
Less than a week. That is how long it takes us to get you started. We’re excited about your future!

Expand Your Ministry
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