Sermon or message archiving and podcastingStreaming your worship services LIVE!

In the past, only the big churches could afford enough to broadcast their worship services to a wide audience. Now, you can broadcast your weekly worship services or other live events on the internet - to a world wide audience! People traveling on business trips, on vacation, overseas in the military or people who’ve moved away- now they join you live each week in your worship services! Visitors can “visit” your church first- online as they listen to your worship service live. Research indicates they will be far more likely to attend in person.

Worship Service Streaming: A key to significant growth
In the past, if someone missed your worship service that was it. NOW, you can stream your services LIVE for them each week. Far more people than ever before will “attend” your services each week. 

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Live Worship Streaming: Exactly what is it?
It’s so new that many are just beginning to understand all of it. “Streaming” is tech talk for “broadcasting online.” So when you “stream” your worship service live, it means it’s broadcasting LIVE to a worldwide audience.

Reaching people you’ve never reached before
When you stream your services live, you’ll reach a wide and diverse audience. People who are sick can now listen in. People who are traveling can listen in an airport. People who have never thought about going to church are more likely to listen.

Double chances of people coming through your doors
Research shows that when someone hears a sermon or message from your church, they will be TWICE as likely to attend in the first place. Live worship streaming will have a significant impact on reaching people you have never reached before.

Email your messages to your flock
What if you could increase the people listening to your messages by 10, 20 or 30 times? Why not send a weekly email with a link that they can have handy that will allow them to listen live each week.

Your messages and sermons “to go”
We live in a fast food society. That also means “spiritual food.” Cell phones and wireless computer access, people are watching movies, listening to music AND live worship services “on the go. Contact us NOW and you can be reaching them in about a week.

Pass your message around in record numbers!
Now your messages easy to find, and easy to listen to. And with the click of a button, people can email a link to a friend. With this link, they can listen in live to your worship services. This will dramatically affect your growth.

Evangelism and people looking for a church
For people who do not consider themselves Christians and those who are looking for a church often find it uncomfortable to visit a church. When they hear a message FIRST, this all changes. They become more eager to visit.

Combine this with Sermon Archiving and Podcasting
We also can set you up with sermon archiving and podcasting. A very inexpensive combo package that covers all your bases: Sermon/ message archiving, Podcasting AND broadcasting your services LIVE to a worldwide audience- as its happening. A HUGE way to reach a new audience!

We do all the work for you
OK, so now you are seeing that your church needs live worship service streaming right away. But how do you get it done? YOU don’t have to! (Don’t you have many more important things to take care of?) We’ll take care of it for you.

We’re people with a massive radio track record
The Next Wave Radio Network has been helping churches and organizations stay on top of tech advances like archiving and podcasting. We’ve been doing this since 2003. And we have worked for decades with hundreds of Christian radio stations helping them with their sound. We have also worked with some of the largest broadcast ministries on the planet.

Internet listening explosion
According to Bridge ratings, “80 million Americans listen to audio online every month. (That is 1/3 of the population.)  60 million listen weekly.”  If you are not streaming your services live, those people are passing you by.

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Our offices and studios are in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Call us at 757-502-1490 or you can email him at [email protected]

Other aspects of church worship service live internet streaming
Worship service streaming will rapidly expand your ministry growth. If you are thinking, “how can I get my church worship service on the internet?,” we’ll do it for you. You’ll see why streaming worship is powerful. We can have your church worship services streaming within a week.

How can I get my church service on the internet?
We can put your church on the internet within the week with worship service streaming, or even podcasting. We do all the work for you to get your church on the internet fast.

Streaming Worship services for growth.
Streaming Church worship services on the internet will grab audiences that normally don’t come in your door. Church worship service streaming allows them to hear it before they come inside. Stream your worship service.

Worship Services Live on the internet.
People love to hear Worship services streaming live on the Internet.  Each weekend, you can streaming your worship services live on the internet. We can make it happen. Worship Service Live Internet Streaming. We can make it happen.

Sermon streaming on the Internet.
Stream your sermons on the internet for rapid fast growth. A sermon streaming on the internet will grab a wide audience. Stream your sermons on the internet by next week. We can help get your sermons streaming on the internet.

Church growth help and tools.
Two of the most powerful tools are worship service streaming and sermon archiving. They are two powerful tools to help your church grow. Church and ministry growth is far easier with sermon archiving and worship service streaming. For help with these church growth tools, contact NWR!

Outreach and Evangelism help and tools.
Some effective  tools are worship service streaming and sermon archiving. They are two great tools to help with Outreach and Evangelism. Outreach and evangelism growth is far easier with sermon archiving and worship service streaming. For help with your outreach and evangelism, contact NWR!

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