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In the past if you are a minister, teacher, evangelist or you just had a message you wanted to get on the air, you'd have to pay a LOT of money. But with your own 24 hour Christian music station, you can intersperse your messages in as much as you want. You will have an instant nationwide and worldwide audience! People will listen in for the music but will also get to hear YOUR messages.

A radio station that plays your spots every hour
Imagine a Christian music radio station where your spots or features are played several times an hour, 24 hours a day, all year long. That is your own internet radio station. In a week, you can have a nationwide and worldwide ministry with own 24/7 internet radio station.

    Customized Radio Station Demo:   

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Our offices and studios are in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Call us at 757-903-4983 or you can email him at [email protected]

Massive exposure with your own radio station
Internet radio growth is exploding. According to Arbitron, the internet radio audience (which was already around 40 million) doubled last year. That means incredible opportunity for you if you have your own internet station..

We do all the work for you
No need for you to run around gathering hundreds of CDs, mp3s, hiring announcers, getting servers, getting a streaming  service. We have done all that for you. It’s all happening from our location. All you do is click a button and listen to YOUR station. We do all the work for you.

For the cost of buying a few spots, own the station
Until now, if you wanted to buy time on a radio station, you’d better have a LOT of money. A whole lot! Now, for a tiny fraction of that, you can have an entire radio station with a growing worldwide audience.

Nationwide, worldwide, NOW
Some ministries have hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy radio time. Now, for only $350 a month, you can have the same advantage. You can have a growing audience listening to your short and long form messages. You can air spots for books, messages, CDs or podcasts.

We’re people with a massive radio track record
The Next Wave Radio Network has been setting up internet radio stations for organizations since 2003. But before that, we had worked for decades with hundreds of Christian radio stations helping them with their sound. We have also worked with some of the largest broadcast ministries on the planet. Contact us and we’ll put all that expertise to work for you.

Listeners can instantly click to your website
Online radio listeners can respond instantly to an ad or a message. If you run an ad that catches their attention, they can immediately click your banner and find more on your website. This is a huge advantage over traditional radio stations.

Internet radio explosion
According to *Bridge ratings, “80 million Americans listen to radio online every month. (That is 1/3 of the population.)  60 million listen weekly.”  Now, you can have a piece of that audience listening to your message.

Internet radio on cell phones and in cars
And with cell phones, now people can listen to your internet station anywhere in the world. There are already internet radios that can sit on your desk and car radios that can play internet station. It’s the future. Are you riding the wave?

A phone call or email can make it happen in a week
Less than a week. That is how long it takes us to get you started. Contact us at 757-903-4983  or you can email him at  [email protected]om. Contact him now, we’re excited about your future!

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