Branded Player Box provides you with a customizable player box that is loaded with features to help you promote your station and branding, build your customer base, and provide a means of revenue for your stream.

Player Box

Logo Display Area

Your station log is displayed in this area and it links listeners back to your web site.  The logo size is 200x100 pixels.

Featured Links Area

Display up to 6 'Featured Links'.  Use these links to link back to pages on your site such as Home, Morning Show, Contests, Our Staff, News, ect.  Just send us your Text for the 'Featured Links' and the URL/web address that they link to.

Share Link

This feature will let your listener tell their friends about your station, providing growth to your listenership.

Listening Help Link

This will link your listener back to our listener support page in order to provide them with the most up to date and ever changing information.

Now Playing Area

The Now Playing area can display the title and artist of the current song playing. You provide us the URL to your now playing data, usually a .txt or .xml file, and we do the rest.

Embedded Media Bar

The media bar displays the current status of your stream, provides player controls and audio volume controls.

Ad Space Window

Two Ad Space Windows are available within the player box. You can display Banner Ads, images or Web content. Many stations use these areas to promote their own site or create revenue by selling and displaying your advertisers banners.  The size of the Ad Space Window located on the right side of the player box is '300x250' pixels (Medium Rectangle Banner). The Ad Space Window located on the bottom is '728x90' pixels (Leader Banner). The content for these Ad Spaces can be located on our servers, your website, or from your Banner Ad Management provider.  Just provide us the content or URL location of the content and we will link it to the player box. Here are a couple of examples to external web pages with banners that we can frame into the player. 300x250 banner example | 728x90 banner example

Gateway Advertising

Gateway advertisement's run when a listener first opens your player. As soon as the gateway is finished, the player automatically redirects to the live stream.  The format type of the gateway ad can be a Windows Media Audio (.wma) file or a .MP3 file.  Just send us the audio ad and we will upload it to the server and link it to your streaming player box.


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